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Body Armor Steel Ballistic Shield

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This body armor steel ballistic shield is designed with steel panel, observation window, shock-proof handle, shock-absorbing sponge, and rope strap. this shield is active and flexible in defense, easy to disassemble, reasonable in protection area, and strong in initiative. It is used to deal with sudden violence, patrol and anti-riot, financial escort and other scenes.

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. Item No. : body armor steel ballistic shield
. Size: 900*500mm
. Thickness: 2.4mm
. Weight: 8.85kg
. Material: bulletproof steel
. Bulletproof area: 0.45㎡
. Level: NIJ IIIA
. Impact resistance: meets the standard 147J kinetic energy impact
. Puncture resistance: standard GA68-2003 experimental knife
. Grip connection strength: ≥500N
. Armband connection strength: ≥500N
. The observation window is designed with a transparent PC panel, which effectively increases the field of vision and prevents liquid splashing.
. The shockproof handle is fixed by 4 screws to attenuate the impact force, the handle is stronger and the reliability is stronger.
. The thick shock-proof sponge layer can effectively attenuate the impact force, making it safer and more reliable.

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