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PE body protection tactical armor vest soft body armor

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Tactical armor vest inserted with high performance PE fiber punched felt which is detachable and  with good anti-stab performance.Effectively reduce the impact of cushioning. Flexible dressing, free movement, no obvious restrictions on turning movements.

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Desription: PE body protection tactical armor vest
Size: one size
Material: 16 layers of high-strength PE protective fiber + 4 layers of aluminum plate
Weight: 2.7kg
Surface density of protective materials: <2.8kg/㎡, single layer density: 184g/㎡
Protective material weight: 830g/㎡
Protection area: 0.3㎡
Features: light, comfortable and soft
Application: security, anti-riot, real CS, outdoor and other units and individuals with high risk factors


. The tactical ourter carrier is waterproof and breathable, keeps dry and comfortable, light and soft, easy to clean, and not stuffy inside.
. Alloy protective layer / super waterproof performance / super high density outer layer / not easy to wear / long life.
. Detachable soft anti-stab liner with good anti-stab performance. Effectively reduce the impact of cushioning. The stab-resistant armor vest can be worn inside, making it more comfortable to wear.
. Adjustable Velcro on the shoulders and waist, adjust the tightness according to your own.
Two-piece structure, convenient and quick to put on and unload.
. The stab-resistant clothing can effectively protect the human body from daggers and other common sharp instruments from various penetration angles, and reduce the threat of stab wounds on the protective parts of the human body.
. It can be customized , anti-cutting or anti-piercing pe fibers can be extended to waist, neck, crotch, shoulder and other part.Also organized pouches can be designed on cloth to be more practical.
. Flexible dressing, free movement, no obvious restrictions on turning movements.
. Under -20℃-+55℃temperature,the safety performance of stab-resistant is not affected.
. Suitable for public security, armed police, military, security, drivers, glass processing and other practitioners.

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