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ABS detachable self-defense baton

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The ABS detachable self-defense baton is made of ABS material, the middle connecting part uses a metal quick connector, and there is a disassembly button in the middle, which can be connected and disconnected in a few seconds by pressing it, and it is convenient to use. ABS material can be bent arbitrarily without deformation, has excellent resilience and high impact resistance. Applicable personnel: martial arts enthusiasts, campus / bank / hotel / various stations and other places security personnel.

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. Item No. :ABS detachable self-defense baton
. Material: high-strength ABS plastic + cast iron pipe fittings
. Weight: 2kg
. Size: 30*170 mm (total length)
. Strength: bending strength 500N, M strength 336Mpa
. It can hit more than 10,000 times in a row. and can be used for short clubs, martial arts, training, and campus riot control.

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