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Outdoor rectangle portable folding steel desk-chair

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Outdoor rectangle portable folding steel desk-chair, foldable design, easy to fold in a few simple steps, occupy a small space after folding, easy to carry. Anti-slip support table legs, table legs are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, and the bottom is with anti-slip foot pads. Suitable for outdoor picnics, barbecues, camping, on-board self-driving and field training.

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The field folding table and chairs are compact in design and exquisite in workmanship. They can be used as stools, chairs, tables, and can be carried, carried, carried, etc. It is very convenient to use. After folding, it saves space, is flexible, easy to carry, easy to load, unload, store and transport, and can also be used for outdoor fishing and self-driving picnic travel.

The appearance has a variety of camouflage and army green appearance to improve the concealment of field operations.

We focus on the production and sales of various military equipment, protective clothing, protective equipment, riot helmets, riot shields and riot sticks, as well as outdoor equipment folding tables and chairs, equipment boxes, outdoor bags and so on. The series of products sold by the company involve many fields, from training equipment to daily necessities, and strive to be more detailed, better and more comprehensive.

We always adhere to the quality control concept of "quality is life", put product quality and customer satisfaction in the first place, concentrate on research, and continuously improve and innovate in the production process according to the requirements of various outdoor environments for products, and design and develop a variety of international Advanced products, every detail of the company's products reflects the designers' ingenious and humanized design considerations, and is an ideal choice for customers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The needs of customers are the driving force for us to move forward, and it is our aim to serve every customer well.


. Item No. : Outdoor portable folding steel desk-chair

. Material: steel plate
. Size: 2000*1000*750mm, size after folding 1000*1000*11cm
. Weight: 29kg
. Strong and sturdy, with high endurance, foldable and easy to carry.
. No fear of wind and rain, breathable, and will not accumulate water. It dries quickly when wet.
. The desk-chair legs are made of steel pipe, which has strong load-bearing capacity.

. Unfolded size: 480*480*(350+480)mm
. Weight: 4.6kg
. Material: Oxford cloth + steel pipe
. Application: field training, outdoor travel, outdoor fishing, etc.
. A desk can be with six chairs
. The desk and chairs are packaged separately.

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