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German riot helmet PC mixed with ABS

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German riot helmet is made of thermoplastic material made of PC (polycarbonate) and ABS (polyacrylonitrile) alloy, combining the excellent characteristics of the two materials. It is light in weight and has good impact resistance.

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The German helmet has always been considered the originator of modern helmet design, and it is very practical. Let's take a look at how the German helmet evolved into a classic helmet?

The original helmet is made of leather, and the top of the helmet is decorated with metal nails or spikes. Its function is not to protect the soldier's head, but to distinguish between the enemy and the army. Over time, leather became a luxury item, and manufacturers had to use metal to make helmets, which led to the creation of the first-generation M16 helmets.

This steel helmet removes the decorative spikes on the top of the head and adds two ventilation holes on the side. Although it is heavy, it does not hinder the soldier's hearing and can better withstand the invasion of bullets. Therefore, this steel helmet has undergone continuous changes from M17 and M18. , Until the M35 helmet, it has evolved into a "basket"-shaped helmet, not only the appearance is lighter and stronger, but the interior has also changed from leather to a belt-like buckle so that the helmet cannot be easily dropped.

The practicality of the German helmet has been fully certified in actual use, and it is indeed a classic.


. Item No. :German riot helmet PC mixed with ABS
. Color:Black, army green,customized
. Size:universal size
. Weight: 740g
. Material: fusion materials mixing PC with ABS
. Light in weight and has good impact resistance.
. Suspension system: the inside of riot helmet adopts a four-point suspension system, which is adjustable, stable in design, and not easy to move in action. Comfortable chin towing, suitable for different head types, can slow down the impact of the chin in emergencies.
. The overall edging design coverage without interference, smooth brim with reduced friction.The brim of the helmet is designed with an arc to block the impact.

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