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8 meters single cylinder anti-riot isolation net

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8 meters single cylinder anti-riot isolation net is with all-steel frame structure, welded connection is firm and reliable. It is composed of movable support, fixed support, blade net, recovery device and other components.
Barrier nets are suitable for isolation, traffic interruption and regional blockade control in special occasions.

It can prevent crowds from colliding, climbing and leaping, but also can prevent cars from forcibly rushing into cards. Effectively maintain public order and ensure public safety.

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Features: The barrier net is suitable for isolation, traffic blocking and regional sealing and control on special occasions. In order to maintain social order and ensure public safety, the military and police need to effectively isolate, block traffic and block areas on the scene of illegal and criminal activities in the work of maintaining stability and dealing with emergencies. The product can not only prevent crowds from colliding, climbing and crossing, but also prevent cars from forcibly punching cards. It is widely used in the fortification of military facilities, airports, warehouses, prisons, enterprises and institutions, as well as border security and isolation.

Barrier nets can effectively block objects from climbing, jumping and destroying without the aid of equipment for different use occasions and uses, as well as requirements for different barrier capabilities and anti-destructive capabilities.

Solid connection, the overall structure is solid and stable. The mesh density is high, the edges are serrated, and the barrier performance is good and resistant to strain.
Iron barrel exterior: screw-fixed barrel body, exquisite painting, built-in hook frame, quickly fold the iron wire, saving time and effort.
Spring buckle: There are several spring buckles on the barrel, which can lock the barrier net, easy to operate, and ensure a clean storage space.
Bottom pulley: There are 4 pulleys on the left and right at the bottom, which can drag the barrier net to facilitate various outdoor work needs.
Reminder: Please wear cut-resistant gloves when using this product! Pay attention to safe operation.


Anti-riot barrier net: single cylinder/three cylinders, strong anti-destructive performance, emergency response, high blade density
Material: All steel frame structure, the steel frame is firmly and reliably connected by welding as a whole
Composition: It consists of moving bracket, fixed bracket, blade net, recovery device and other components
Color: Black/Green
Single cylinder size: 900mm X 780mm
Weight: gillnet 8KG, total weight of single cylinder and single ring 40KG
Barbed wire blade: core wire diameter 2.7mm, thickness 0.4mm, knife length 11mm, knife width 3mm, knife spacing 26mm, barbed wire diameter 800mm
Total number of laps: 110 laps, the length of the blocker deployed is 20.8 meters
Development time: 2 people operate, less than 2min
Withdrawal time (operated by 2 people): ≤5min
Deployment/removal failure rate: ≤2%
Barrier performance: The barrier object cannot climb or climb without the aid of tools and equipment.
Anti-destructive performance: The barrier object cannot change the existing support state from the front of the barrier net with the help of common hand tools (screwdriver, hammer, wrench, pliers, etc.); within 30s, a 615cm2 hole cannot be formed from the front of the barrier net.
Storage time: 5 years
Storage temperature: -40℃~+55℃.

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