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What is the most difficult thing encountered when garrisoned in the field?

Outdoor camping when it takes a long time then you know what it is like.

It takes one or two months for the troops to go out and live, and even more than half a year, and there is no problem. How can we adapt to life in the wild? Let’s first take a look at the lovely friends we met while camping in the wild.

01. Voles that love to have conference calls


These cute voles are holding round tables under your bed in the middle of the night, and you can hear them in your sleep. They weren’t cute at all at that time.

02. Pallas’ Cat with a cold expression.


In the tent responsible for cooking, if you hear the rustling sound, and find that you see a giant rat in the hidden place.
When you pull away the tents and rush in, a web celebrity face pops out...It yelled loudly, and was immediately frightened and fled, dragging its chubby body and disappearing into the dark night.

03.There is also the "Night Flying Vehicle" Owl


The biggest feature of the owl is its huge eyeballs, which are bigger than its brains. The most powerful thing about it is that there is no sound when flying. Although it is not very fast, there is no movement at all. Those who understand aerodynamics will know what a powerful skill this is. With a pair of eyes with excellent night vision, it is a veritable vole killer, and it's no problem to squeeze dozens of voles in one night.

Let's get down to business. what's the trickiest thing about garrisoning in the field? It is the lack of tools to live a normal life !

Below we have launched a multifunctional outdoor portable folding steel desk-chair, 1.2X1.2m desk and eight camp stools.


There are more portable tools suitable for outdoor camping, please inquire.

Post time: Aug-26-2021