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How to make summer security clothing quick-drying training clothes slim and breathable?

Every in the military is indispensable for all kinds of "devil training"! A set of excellent security training uniforms can make you charming on the field. Training in hot weather, what is the most important thing about training clothes? Sweat!

This summer quick-drying suit changed the loose and baggy image and became a precedent for self-cultivation training suits. The whole set improved the spirit of the user. Multiple sizes also meet market demand for various body types, achieving tailor-made results. According to the user's demand feedback, suggestions and their own knowledge of clothing, a new generation - summer quick-drying training clothing was developed on the basis of the first generation of quick-drying training clothing and spring and autumn instructor clothing. There are three colors of summer quick-drying training clothes: black, navy blue, and royal blue. Each color is divided into two types: long-sleeved and short-sleeved.


It is particularly important to note that the fabric of the summer quick-drying training suit has been greatly upgraded;
1. The fabric lattice is enlarged, the lattice weft line is plain weave design, the bulge is not obvious but the lattice can be seen, reducing friction against the skin.
2. The whole fabric adopts the process of dyeing and wrinkling and flattening, and the surface achieves a (mild) orange peel effect, similar to bumps like bubbles, which reduces the contact surface of the skin and achieves the effect that it is not easy to get close to the body when sweating profusely.
3. The moisture-wicking process is adopted to quickly absorb moisture and sweat to improve the training wearing experience.


4. The whole car line adopts the British Coats line, even if it is used for high-intensity training, there is no need to worry about the occurrence of disconnection.
5. The close-fitting surface of the pocket cloth is all made of the original body fabric, all of which achieve the quick-drying effect.


Post time: Jul-06-2022