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Three Cylinders Anti-riot Isolation Net

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Three cylinders anti-riot isolation net stand out in many public places, and they have been tested and passed in terms of appearance and safety of use, and have reached the standards of anti-riot fences, containment and interception nets, and incident prevention and interception nets.
The barrier mesh is very meticulous from material selection to welding forming and post-processing.
Through the connection of the frame anti-riot fence, a protective wall is built to control the crowd and the channel to ensure the order and safety of the audience.

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. Item No. : three cylinders anti-riot isolation net
fold: L x H x thickness 1.5*1.5*0.45 m
Unfold: L x H x thickness 1.5*1.5*10.0 m
. Inside with high density core wire which edges are serrated with good barrier performance and resistant to strain.
. The barrel is fixed with screws, exquisite painting, and built-in hook frame, which can quickly gather the wire, saving time and effort.
. There are several spring buckles on the barrel, which can lock the barrier net, which is easy to operate and ensure a clean storage space.
. There are 4 pulleys at the bottom, which can drag the barrier net, which is convenient for outdoor operations.
. Reminder: Please wear cut-resistant gloves when using this product !

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