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Riot Duty Helmet W/ Steel Grid

Short Description:

The riot duty helmet with steel grid, helmet part was made of high strength impact resistant fusion materials mixing PC with ABS, besides with integrated face shield enhanced steel grid making the face and eyes be protected well in collision.

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Detailed Description

. Item No. :riot duty helmet with steel grid
. Color:Black, customized
. Size:universal size
. Weight: 1.5kg
. Material: fusion materials mixing PC with ABS
. This helmet with protective visor is one of the police equipments that enables law enforcement officers to effectively protect the head and face when they are on duty, and avoid blows to the head and face or other harmful attacks.
. The back neck of the helmet has a neck sheath connected by snap fastener. the outer layer w/ flame retardant pu leather, and the inner layer w/ PE plate

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