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Night Safety Warning Stick

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The night safety warning stick inside with LED tube, the visual distance at night is more than 500 meters. It has two power supply modes: rechargeable and battery.  Long battery life, don’t be afraid of turning off the light at night, press it to keep on, then press to flash.

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. Item No. : night safety warning stick
. Material: high-quality PC lamp body
. Luminous: LED tube
. Size & power supply mode:
30x520mm - rechargeable
. Charging for 8 hours can contact flashing for 4-8 hours
. How to use: press it to keep on, then press to flash
. Using copper wire instead of iron wire to conduct electricity, the conductivity is better, and it is not easy to rust.
. There is a waterproof gasket on the thread of the battery box, so it can be used on rainy days.
. The handle has a threaded anti-skid treatment, which has a good anti-skid effect. The tail is equipped with a sling for easy carrying.
. Suitable for traffic command, inspection, evacuation of crowds, fire fighting.

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