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What kind of summer training clothes quick-drying clothes are worth choosing?

In hot summer, the heat is unbearable, but the training of police officers will not stop because of the temperature, so a set of cool, breathable and comfortable training quick-drying clothes is essential. This affordable summer training uniform is very satisfying.

Style: long sleeve

Color: Navy blue

Material: Polyamide fabric, Velcro, YKK zipper, non-slip waist treatment

Fabric characteristics: elastic, quick-drying, wear-resistant, sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking. The whole set of training clothes has superior elasticity and strong air permeability, which can fully meet the needs of daily service and training.7.7 (1)

This training suit is mainly made of polyamide fabric, commonly known as nylon. Polyamide fabric is a kind of synthetic fiber with very good elasticity. Compared with polyester fabric and polyester, it has better air permeability and better wearing comfort. The garment is defined as a training garment, so elasticity is one of the essential characteristics.

When the human body is exercising, some muscles will expand and contract by 40%. At the same time, some extremely large movements are often performed in training, such as lying shooting, Sanda training, and running training. These training subjects have very high requirements on the elasticity of training clothes. , and this training suit is made of polyamide fabric. The overall elasticity of the training suit is very good. With reasonable design and cutting, it will not cause obvious pulling feeling to the wearer during the training process.

At the main joints, the extension of the crotch and shoulders is also strong and resilient, and there is no obvious sense of restraint, so there is no need to worry about the crotch bursting and breaking. While not affecting the training, it also ensures the good-looking appearance. Whether it is training or on duty, it is the best choice.

7.7 (2)

It is also very meticulous in cutting and routing, and the stitching is very tight.

The use of sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics for training suits can greatly improve the continuous combat capability when wearing tactical vests in summer. One of the advantages of nylon fabrics is that they have strong breathability, especially in summer, sweating during training and on duty is very important. Inevitably, the fact that the sweat adheres to the skin and cannot evaporate will affect the feeling of the police officers, so that they often feel that the sweat sticks to the skin after training. , there is a feeling that the skin is poured with cold water and the muscles are still on fire, so it is easy to catch a cold, and this training suit has good air permeability, absorbs sweat and wicks away moisture, so that the sweat will not adhere to the skin, and the sweat will be absorbed into the On the surface of the training suit, the hot moisture on the body surface is quickly discharged, and the wearer’s surface temperature is reduced by absorbing heat through evaporation, so that the wearer feels cool and does not feel humid and stuffy. By destroying the hot and humid environment, the breeding of bacteria is cut off to a certain extent. The quick-drying performance of the training clothes is also very outstanding, and the sweat on the surface of the clothes is released quickly, especially when entering the air-conditioned room after training, the feeling is very obvious, which can ensure that the wearer feels dry and comfortable during the training.

The pocket system of this training suit of the Blocker also meets the basic needs. It is more common to connect the pockets on both sides of the thighs with the Velcro buttons on both sides of the waist. The outside of the pocket is connected to the front of the waistband, and the inside of the pocket is connected to the back of the waistband. ,Wide range of uses.

The deep outer thigh pockets, combined with the foldable cut and elastic fabric, provide great storage capacity, and the pocket openings are closed with secure Velcro. There are two separate secret pockets built into this pocket, so it is not a big problem to store small tools such as mobile phones and tactical multi-function pliers. At the same time, it can ensure that the items in it will not be displaced at will, which is very convenient for users to quickly find the items in the pocket. .

This training suit is made of military baby Velcro. The woolen Velcro is soft and comfortable to the touch. It will not cause great friction to the wearer on this thinner training suit. This kind of baby magic The sticker can be washed many times without becoming rough, and the sticker is firm. Except for the button and the YKK zipper on the placket, this Velcro is used for bonding.

The placket adopts YKK zipper, which is smooth and reliable.

From the side, there are Velcro adjustment hooks on both sides of the trousers waist, so that the trousers have a larger adjustment range and are more comfortable to wear. Fixed effect.

There are plastic steel D-rings on the left and right belt loops of the back waist and waist of the trousers, which saves the space of a key bag. You can hang keys or other items. The two small D-rings improve the training uniform to a certain extent. storage capacity. The keys can also be tucked into the pockets of the pants, which can also play a silent role.

Adjustable cuffs, cuffs and waist, plus stretchy fabric for all body shapes.

The overall version is very slim, but at the same time, due to the elastic fabric used, it will not affect the wearer to do a lot of exercise, which is a very bonus point. As a police officer on duty, it is not only necessary to consider the actual combat of wearing Sex and beauty are also essential.

Post time: Jul-07-2022