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Explosion-proof Blanket & Fence

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Explosion-proof blanket and fence was made of high-strength and high-modulus ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber UDO, with features of light weight, convenient carrying, simple operation, and excellent anti-explosive properties.  was used for the isolation of explosives.

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. Item No. : explosion-proof blanket & fence
. Material: high-strength and high-modulus ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber UDO
. Size:
explosion-proof blanket : square, 1.6 meters in length.
explosion-proof inner fence: diameter 58cm, thickness 7cm, height 30cm.
explosion-proof outer fence: diameter 68cm, thickness 3cm, height 15cm.
Explosion proof of valuable instruments, archives of cultural relics and special public places. Necessary explosion-proof equipment for civil aviation, railway, port and customs.
It is widely used in various security check crossings, hotels, guesthouses and other mass places.
Explosion-proof blankets and fences need to be used together. First, cover the suspicious explosives with the explosion-proof fence, and place the suspicious explosives in the center of the fence, and then cover the blanket, center of blanket to the center of inner fence.
-The explosion-proof blanket alone has no protective effect! To achieve effective protection effect, explosion-proof blanket must be used with explosion-proof fence.
-When the 82-2 standard grenade explodes, the explosion-proof blanket and fence covering the grenade can effectively block the lateral effect of the explosion shock wave and fragments; personnel and surrounding objects 3 meters away from the explosion center and no more than 1.7 meters in height will not be affected.
-All explosion-proof blankets and explosion-proof fences that have been used after an explosion cannot be used again regardless of the degree of damage; if they have been used many times but have not been damaged, they can continue to be used.
-Explosion-proof blankets and fences should not be exposed to the sun, and the temperature environment used should be between -25°-55°, and should be stored in a ventilated and dry place away from light.

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