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ABS detachable self-defense baton with quick connector

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The ABS detachable self-defense baton is made of ABS material, the middle connecting part uses a metal quick connector, and there is a disassembly button in the middle, which can be connected and disconnected in a few seconds by pressing it, and it is convenient to use. ABS material can be bent arbitrarily without deformation, has excellent resilience and high impact resistance. Applicable personnel: martial arts enthusiasts, campus / bank / hotel / various stations and other places security personnel.

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As a non-lethal weapon, sticks can effectively subdue criminals without causing serious injury. Even if they are taken away by gangsters, the harm is limited, so they are widely used. This detachable anti-riot stick effectively solves the technical problems of traditional police batons, such as short size and close effect, and softness and low impact force.

The detachable riot bat combination emergency baton is a long baton that can be quickly connected. It is made of two long batons with connectors at both ends. It is a non-lethal police device. It will not cause permanent damage to the human body and can protect the police.

In an emergency, the two batons can be connected within seconds to block the impact of the rioting crowd.

The baton is characterized in that it includes a hand-holding part, a striking part and a connecting part, the connecting part is a metal composite body which is screwed together, one end of the outer side of the connecting part is connected with the hand-holding part, and the other end of the outside is connected with the striking part, the screw connection The iron pipe assembly is provided with a self-locking device.

The length of the baton can reach 1.6 meters, and it has the advantages of long operating distance, simple and flexible operation, low cost and easy portability. It can be under 3000N pressure without obvious bending, deformation or fracture; the overall weight of the baton is about 2.0kg.


. Item No. :ABS detachable self-defense baton
. Material: high-strength ABS plastic + cast iron pipe fittings
. Weight: 2kg
. Size: 30*170 mm (total length)
. Strength: bending strength 500N, M strength 336Mpa
. It can hit more than 10,000 times in a row. and can be used for short clubs, martial arts, training, and campus riot control.

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